Nebula is an easy gaming platform based on blockchain. Through simple play to earn games we are looking to generate adoption and benefit the blockchain community. We are using multiple descentralized features to generate profit for gamers. Nebula´s first game is a general knowledge trivia. We will be launching new games every few months to provide more games and options to our users.


As users go through the games they earn points, NFTs and tokens. NFTs and tokens can be exchanged in our marketplace where in-game assets can be found as well. Every certain amount of points players win tickets (NFTs) which allows them to spin a wheel of chance to determine their prize. In later versions of the trivia game we will include videos, documents and other information that will be accompanied by a questionnaire; to test the comprehension of such information.

  • 1. Nebula Token (NBL): In the MVP it can be used in the marketplace for purchasing in-game assets. In later versions it will also be used to acquire avatars, in-game categories, hosting competitions, and other features that are yet to be developed.
  • 2. Star Dust Token (STAR): STAR will be a prize in the wheels of chance and be used in the MVP to acquire MOONs (NFTs) that are needed to play each level. In later versions the STAR will also be needed to breed avatars. As we are only going to create a fixed amount of avatars and more avatars will only be created by avatar holder, STAR will be very important to have.
  • 3. Avatars: They will be released sometime during 2022. There will be a fixed amount created by Nebula. Avatars will gain power with more points and more power will be required to access certain features.
  • 4. Play to earn: to encourage players to contribute to the game and maintain traction, players will be rewarded regularly at different stages of the game. The more you play the more you earn. It is important that those players that are more motivated to play make a higher profit. As we are introducing Nebula Games through an existing trivia, we will create new features and have new releases regularly.
  • 5. Owning a category: In later versions we are going to sell in-game categories (NFT) and the owners will ean the in-game assets used by other players in such category. In-game assets can later be sold by the category owner in the marketplace. Owning a category is a revenue generating investment. This feature will be available at later versions for avatar holders only.
  • 6. Social feature: play vs and/or competitions. Competitions will be created periodically by the game and also be possible once available by future category owners to host competitions to promote playing in their category. This feature will be available at later versions for avatar holders only.
  • 7. DeFi - Rewarded ranking: To enter the ranking competitions players will have to make a deposit for the duration of such competition, the deposit will be returned at the end of the competition and the interest generated from all the player´s funds will be given to the top ranking players. This is an endless competition that will give another profit generating feature while playing. This feature will be available at later versions for avatar holders only. The funds will be allocated to generate interest through a DeFi smartcontract.
  • 8. Test new knowledge: in later versions of the trivia game we intend to include a platform where players can see videos, read documents and other information that will be available before taking the trivia.
  • 9. NFTs: From the MVP we will have NFTs as in-game assets to use in the trivia to eliminate questions, extra chances, freeze time or correct answers. MOONs will be required to play the game and Tickets that will allow users to spin the wheels to determine their rewards. Players will be able to buy and sell all NFTs in the marketplace. We encourage that all transactions are made in the official marketplace for security purposes.

Collectibles and scarcity.

The element of scarcity and collectible items is present in the Nebula ecosystem. There will be a certain amount of in-game assets created, once all are sold through our Marketplace, acquiring them will only be possible from other players. A certain amount of avatars will be created from Nebula, creating new ones will only occur from breeding avatars between avatar holders which can later be sold in the marketplace. There will be limited editions and special in-game assets.

The openness of blockchain provides information about how many items exist in total, how large is a limited edition, therefore the additional openness of Nebula novel “decentralized assets” explained below improves on this further, as you can openly inspect similarity of items.

Scarcity in Nebula Games exists on different levels:

  • ● Fixed amount of NBL Tokens
  • ● Fixed amount of in-game assets
  • ● Fixed amount of original avatars created by Nebula

Cross Blockchain

A future bridge development will be implemented for cross blockchain marketplaces. This can increase financial incentives for gamers to purchase items in the game as it is an advantage of decentralized ownership to be able to trade in multiple currencies and on marketplaces outside of the game companies' influence. We will of course have our own marketplace for trading.


DeFi component

One of our strategic visions within Nebula is that it will have monetary incentives for the most committed and motivated players and token holders. Apart from the monetary incentives within the game, there will be a pool from which profits will be divided among token holders. NFT’s will have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks.

Profit from ranking competitions

Players´ funds will be placed in an interest generator smart contract, interests earned will be awarded to the top players. Original funds sent back to players.

Staking yield

We will allocate a fair amount of tokens on staking Rewards. Staking will progressively decrease as new features will be released. This will incentivize stakers to hold their tokens during the early stage of the game development while some significant game features will still be under development.

NFT collateral

In order to provide more liquidity to the collectors in Nebula, we designed the collateral-filled NFTs, so that users could enjoy a monthly interest on their NFT holdings and also have access to instant liquidity when they want to sell their NFT. When a user buys NFTs from Nebula, a percentage of the sale goes to a collateral pool to guarantee that the value of NFT cannot go below a certain threshold. This feature will also allow a user to take a loan using NFT as a collateral.

Renting NFT’s

In later versions the NFT's will be able to rent to other players. The smart contract will make sure that the borrower cannot resell or destroy the object, and makes sure that object returns to the owner when the rent period ends. During the period the NFTs are rented the revenue (or a percentage of it) generated from holding the NFT will go to the renter where the rent will go to the NFT´s owner. This feature is related to in-game category ownership.


NBL Utility Token

Nebula (NBL) token is the native currency in the game. It allows players to acquire in-game assets and avatars as well as other features present in the game. There will be a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 NBL tokens. We will burn tokens but won´t mint more than the maximum supply.

Star Dust Token

Star Dust (STAR) Token is the currency needed to acquire MOONs that are used to play the game and in future version will also be used to breed avatars. There will be a fixed number of original avatars and avatars will be needed to access some game features, it is an important currency that will allow more avatars to be created. There is an unlimited supply of STAR Tokens. STAR tokens will be burned after being used.

BSC Orange Od Million Dollar Game Block One
  • Maximiliano Ingerflom - CEO
  • Former Biz Dev Director Gaucho Group Holdings, INC (NASDAQ:VINO)
  • Former Biz Dev for LATAM in UMS Norway

  • Gonzalo Frery - CTO
  • Former CEO 301
  • 25+ years of experience in Software Dev

  • Gonzalo Aizpún – Product Development
  • CTO in Steplix
  • Former COO / CTO in Umewin

  • Julian Jarzo – Product Development
  • Senior Front End Dev - Quantum Talent
  • Former Sr. Fullstack Engineer - Steplix

  • Nicolas Molina – Product Development
  • Soft Developer - Personal Pay
  • Former full Stack Dev and Mobile Dev – Tecso LTDA

  • Americo Lalinde – Advisor & Marketing
  • CEO Smart Hotel Solutions

  • Franco Trelleira - Advisor & Marketing
  • Project Leader Orange

  • Martin De Pasquale - Advisor & Creative Director
  • CEO OD Studio

  • Marite Sganga – Creative Designer
  • UX/UI expert

  • Lis Altarmirano – Advisor
  • Communication Coordinator
  • Bitcoin Arg NGO

  • Ariel Perelman - Advisor
  • CEO BigSurCapital
  • Former COO in YaSports
  • Former COO in

  • Ignacio Curat - Advisor
  • Creator and Business Developer of TV success “El Juego del Millón” in 20+ countries
  • Guinnes Record in a TV Show ¨Hola Susana¨ in Argentina for 32M lettres received in 1998

  • Pablo Glaser- Advisor
  • CEO Ogilvy LATAM

  • Joaquin Trelleira - Advisor
  • CEO Orange

  • Santiago Arias – Advisor & Partner
  • CEO BlockOne
  • Former CTO in Chili Piper

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